Presentation Skills Level 2

Purpose of the Qualification

This course builds upon level 1 presentation skills teaching the student how to enhance a presentation’s appearance. This includes how to develop creative presentations by adding animation effects and transitions into presentations. It also includes how to add multimedia to presentations such as graphs, images, sounds and videos. The course will be presented through two virtual weekly webinars and all assessments and learning will be conducted using Sparrow’s online portal. Students will need uncapped data, time for 2 weekly 1 hour sessions and access to either a tablet or laptop.

Core Skills:

  1. Create an organisational chart in a presentation.
  2. Create a drawing in a presentation.
  3. Import images into a presentation.
  4. Images and objects are manipulated in presentation.
  5. Animation effects and transitions are applied or added to a presentation.
  6. Using sound and video to enhance presentations.
  7. How to customise Master Slides within a presentation.
NQF Level 3
SAQA ID : 116930, 258880
Credits 8
Duration 8 weeks
Cost per Candidate R2 500,00