About Us

Sparrow FET College, a social enterprise, was formed to provide fully funded, accredited programmes and on-the-job training to mainstream, previously disadvantaged youth of South Africa. The College collaborates with various industries to identify skills shortages within companies.

The College partners with other social projects and programmes to source and recruit mainstream, unskilled and unemployed youth including persons with disabilities; the purpose is to upskill South African youth enabling them to become contributing members of the economy. Before being accepted into the college, the learners are assessed by an in-house psychometrist to ensure that they will be able to cope with the programme for which they are applying.

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History, Vision & Mission

Sparrow FET College forms part of the Sparrow Schools Educational Trust (the Trust).  Established in 1990, the Trust is a multi-faceted, non- government organisation that’s main focus is to bring accredited schooling to cognitively impaired and disenfranchised youth. In 2011, the Trust expanded its organisational structure to address a wider range of needs to specifically suit the South African environment. This included the creation of Sparrow FET College (the College).


Meet the Team

We have a dedicated team of multi talented professionals that see to the management of the college and academic programmes.

What Makes Us Unique

Sparrow FET College is a social enterprise that specifically caters for the disenfranchised youth of South Africa. The College partners with industry to fund our programmes ensuring that there is no training cost to the learners.

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Our Partners

As a social enterprise that specifically caters for the disenfranchised youth of South Africa, we rely on our partnerships with industry to fund our programmes, ensuring that there are no costs to students for their studies.

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