Mary Webber

Mary has been at Sparrow for about 7 years and is the Administrator of the Corporate Sales Team. She started off as a volunteer and from there has been all over the organisation. She has worked as Fundraising Assistant & Volunteer Co-ordinator and then helped set up the Job Coaching Department, as well as the Client Liaison Department before taking up her current position. Mary is the youngest of three children and grew up in Meadowridge in Cape Town. She studied Hotel Management, where she worked until becoming a mother and the working hours required in this industry were not suitable for her to raise her family and so changed to a career in Office Administration. There have been many highs in her administrative career, but one of her early ones was winning Employee of the Year. Another high was Sparrow FET College winning the National Skills Authority Silver Award for Programme Placement and Mary was a part of the team that made this happen. Mary is incredibly proud of the work being done at Sparrow. The College has a huge impact on the lives of our learners and is able to provide opportunities to the disenfranchised youth of South Africa. Her mother has been a big inspiration in her life, as she was very ill while Mary was growing up and died when she was 20. Despite this, Mary said her mother never let her illness get in the way of giving her and her family a wonderful home and upbringing. She taught Mary to believe in herself and never give up. To be a strong and independent woman. She also instilled that hard work always pays off and to always follow her dreams. Another woman who has made an impact in her life is Melanie Malema. She has inspired, challenged and mentored her to grow into the confident but humble woman she is today. For any young woman, Mary’s advice would be “Strive to be an independent woman who makes a difference in the world and remember to be kind always.”

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