Gilbea Mohosana

Gilbea has been at Sparrow since 2018 and is a Quality Assurance Supervisor for the FET College. She is an incredible asset to our college as she is passionate and hard working. Her job is to ensure there is clear supervision of QA requirements, implementation, and completion of projects. Gilbea is from Limpopo and is the youngest of four siblings. After completing her schooling at local rural schools, she went on to study a BSC at the University of Limpopo and then obtained her PGCE through UNISA. Gilbea said that Sparrow has been a space that has allowed her to grow in a short space of time, thanks to management’s belief in her. The highlight of her career has been the total U-turn it has taken, from a Science degree to Education. She can now understand Jackie (our general manager)’s vision. She taught her how to value life, as well as having respect, and honesty. Wadi Ben-Hirki, who is a youth activist and ONE Champion in Nigeria and advocates for better education access for marginalized communities particularly women and children, has also been very influential in shaping the woman Gilbea is today, as well as Melanie Malema who has become her Sparrow mother. She is straight to point and a great mentor. For any young women who would like to follow in Gilbea’s footsteps her advice is: “If young women can realise that success is not all about money but is the legacy you leave behind, this will create a space where they can grow up to be confident and find their purposes in life.”

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