Tyre Repairing Skills NLRD SP0856/13-17


This programme is aimed at the transfer of skills in all aspects of repairing and fitting tyres. The qualifying learners will be able to select and use automobile lifting equipment. Repair and fit different types of tyres and inspect wheels on different types of vehicles. The learner will also be capable of checking and adjusting steering geometry systems on vehicles and identify faulty components.

They will also be capable of removing and replacing a wheel. Interchanging the wheels. Determining the serviceability of a wheel and tyre. Balancing a wheel and tyre assembly. The learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge of vehicle tyre standards; demonstrating knowledge of vehicle tyres, types and sizes. Diagnosing and rectifying abnormalities in vehicle tyre conditions. Demonstrating knowledge of vehicle wheels and rectify wheel defects. The learners will also be able to select and use the appropriate fire fighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace.

TITLE : Tyre Repairing Skills NLRD Sp0853/13-17
SAQA ID : From 67809
PROGRAMME DURATION : 460 hours of training (30% Theory) 70% Work based practical learning)

On completion of this qualification learners are able to:

  1. Lifting equipment includes vehicle hoists (two post or four post), jacks (floor and hand)
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of fitting and repairing tyres and inspecting wheels.
  3. Repair a puncture in a tube and tubeless tyre.
  4. Plan and prepare for checking and adjusting of steering geometry.
  5. Position vehicle and perform pre-checks and analyse information.
  6. Perform wheel alignment and adjustment.
  7. Apply quality and safety procedures when checking and adjusting steering geometry.
  8. Remove, replace and interchange wheels from light and heavy commercial vehicles.
  9. Remove light and heavy commercial vehicle tyres from wheels.
  10. Repair damage to tyres, tubes and valves.
  11. Repair punctured tubeless tyres.
  12. Fit light and heavy commercial vehicle tubed and tubeless tyres to wheels.
  13. Determine the serviceability of a wheel and tyre.
  14. Balance a wheel and tyre assembly.
  15. Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle tyre standards, types and sizes.
  16. Diagnose and rectify tyre abnormalities in vehicle tyre conditions.
  17. Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle wheels and rectify wheel defects.
  18. Discuss and explain procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace
  19. Identify the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate fire fighting procedure
  20. Identify, select and check appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment
  21. Fight containable/extinguishable fires
  22. Retreat from fire site and hand over to appropriate personnel
  23. Report/record status of fire and equipment


Regular 12213 Select and use automobile lifting equipment 2 3
Regular 9869 Repair punctures and fit tyres to wheels 3 9
Regular 15100 Check and adjust steering geometry 3 4
Regular 9864 Repair and replace light and heavy commercial
vehicle tyres
3 17
Regular 9867 Remove and replace wheels and tyres, and
balance wheels
2 2
Regular 9868 Demonstrate knowledge of, and rectify faults in
motor vehicle tyres and wheels
3 7
Regular 12484 Perform basic fire fighting 2 4