NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: Installation of Floor Coverings NQF1


The purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with the standards required to satisfy the challenges of
participating effectively in floor covering installations. This qualification has been developed to assist with
standarsitation across the construction industry. This will allow persons to register as a floor covering installer and lay a foundation for future career advancement across similar trades and to estimation, supervisory and
management qualifications within the sector.

The primary skills that are recognised in this qualification relate to the installation of a range of floor coverings.

The learner will also have an understanding of the construction industry, estimation and how he or she should
operate within the legislative, safety and quality systems, which govern the workplace.

TITLE : National Certificate : Construction : Installation of Floor Coverings NQF 1
SAQA ID : 24296
PROGRAMME DURATION : 1 350 Training Hours(30% Theory) 70% Work based practical learning)

On completion of this qualification learners are able to:

  1. Read and interpret floor covering installation plans
  2. Assess site conditions and prepare floor surfaces
  3. Adhere to health and safety requirements in the workplace
  4. Identify and correctly use floor covering installation equipment
  5. Install a range of floor coverings


  1. Candidates must be between 18 – 29 years of age
  2. Candidates must be a South African citizen
  3. Minimum passed Grade 9
  4. BOTH English and Mathematics must be at ABET Level 2


Core 14897  Adhere to health and safety requirements Level 1 3
Core 14900  Assess site conditions and preparing floor surfaces Level 1 16
Core 15153  Identify and correctly use installation equipment Level 1 16
Core 15158  Install floor coverings Level 1 35
Core 15151  Read and interpret installation plans and requirements Level 1 6
Fundamental 13505  Apply concepts of lines of sight, views and perspectives to make sense of and decisions relative to the world around us Level TBA:Pre-2009 BelowL1 1
Fundamental 14080  Describe routes and locations and draw simple maps Level TBA:Pre-2009 BelowL1 1
Fundamental 7464  Analyse cultural products and processes as representations of shape, space and time Level 1 2
Fundamental 7463  Describe and represent objects and the environment in terms of shape, space, time and motion Level 1 2
Fundamental 7452  Describe, represent and interpret mathematical models in different contexts Level 1 6
Fundamental 12462  Engage in a range of speaking and listening interactions for a variety of purposes Level 1 6
Fundamental 12471  Explore and use a variety of strategies to learn (revised) Level 1 5
Fundamental 12473  Identify and respond to selected literary texts Level 1 5
Fundamental 12469  Read and respond to a range of text types Level 1 6
Fundamental 7453  Use algebraic notation, conventions and terminology to solve problems Level 1 3
Fundamental 7461  Use maps to access and communicate information concerning routes, location and direction Level 1 1
Fundamental 12470  Write for a variety of different purposes Level 1 6
Elective 14902  Install needle punch/Tufted stick down and semi-loose lay carpet tiles Level 1 15