Word Processing Skills Level 3

Purpose of the Qualification

This course builds on the Word Processing Level 2 Course. It includes how to enhance the appearance of documents. This includes how to create and edit the styles, references and electronic links in a document. It also includes how to insert and edit headers and footers within a document. The course will be presented through two virtual weekly webinars and all assessments and learning will be conducted using Sparrow’s online portal. Students will need uncapped data, time for 2 weekly 1 hour sessions and access to either a tablet or laptop. 

Core Skills

  1. Inserting and deleting sections within a document while maintaining document integrity.
  2. Inserting, editing and deleting headers and footers within a document.
  3. Facilitating online review of documents using comments and tracking changes.
  4. Creating and using Styles in a document.
  5. Creating, editing and/or deleting references in a document.
  6. Demonstrating an understanding of and using master and subdocuments.
  7. Using outline options.
  8. Creating and using fields.
  9. Creating and using forms.
  10. Creating and automating tasks using macros. 
  11. Creating, editing and using electronic links in a document.


NQF Level 3
SAQA ID 8970, 258898, 258877
Credits 16
Duration 8 weeks
Cost per Candidate R3 500.00