Automotive Repair and Maintenance NLRD 64810 NQF2


Automotive Repair and Maintenance is aimed at preparing the learner with skills and a range of learning required to work effectively in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. They learnt to meet the challenges of this industry and related environments.

The primary skill that is recognised is the ability to apply the theory behind repair and maintenance. To do general servicing of vehicles. It is also the learners first step towards becoming a qualified automotive technician.

TITLE : National Certificate : Automotive Repair & Maintenance 64810 NQF 2
SAQA ID : 78523:-17Q170146391252 (RV)
PROGRAMME DURATION : 1 270 hours of training (30% theory 70% work based practical learning)

On completion of this qualification learners are able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of how an engine and components operate.
  2. Use and maintain automotive workshop tools and equipment.
  3. Conduct a general automotive service.
  4. Remove and install automotive components.
  5. Components include any contraption, consisting of more than one part working together.



  1. Candidates must be between 18 – 29 years of age
  2. Candidates must be a South African citizen
  3. Minimum passed Grade 12 with Pure Mathematics and Physical Science with minimum 40 % pass mark
  4. Advantageous is N2-N6 Engineering



Core 12211 Build basic auto electrical circuits NQF Level 02 16
Core 260719 Carry out an automotive service NQF Level 02 8
Core 244686 Demonstrate understanding of the principles of
fluid power
NQF Level 02 6
Core 13220 Keep the work area safe and productive NQF Level 02 8
Core 260717 Remove and fit automobile components NQF Level 02 12
Core 119744 Select, use and care for engineering hand tools NQF Level 02 8
Core 12476 Select, use and care for engineering measuring
NQF Level 02 4
Core 12219 Select, use and care for engineering power tools NQF Level 02 6
Core 260638 Service automobile batteries NQF Level 02 4
Core 244056 Understand the fundamentals of engine technology NQF Level 03 4
Fundamental 119463 Access and use information from texts NQF Level 02 5
Fundamental 9009 Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability
to influence the use of data and procedures in
order to investigate life related problems
NQF Level 02 3
Fundamental 7480 Demonstrate understanding of rational and
irrational numbers and numbber systems
NQF Level 02 3
Fundamental 9008 Identify, describe, compare, classify, explore shape
and motion in 2-and 3- dimensional shapes in
different contexts
NQF Level 02 3
Fundamental 119454 Maintain and adapt oral/signed communication NQF Level 02 5
Fundamental 119460 Use language and communication in occupational
learning programmes
NQF Level 02 5
Fundamental 7469 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the
financial aspects of personal and community life
NQF Level 02 2
Fundamental 9007 Work with a range of patterns and functions and
solve problems
NQF Level 02 5
Fundamental 119456 Write/present for a defined context NQF Level 02 5
Elective 260720 Balance a wheel (Compulsory) NQF Level 02 2
Elective 119750 Inspect and lubricate an automotive system NQF Level 02 8
Elective 253425 Repair internal combustion engines NQF Level 02 5
Elective 15123 Select and use vehicle lifting equipment
NQF Level 02 3